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Best Casino Bonuses for Canadian Players September, 2021

We compare deals from over 300 popular casino sites. Casino bonus offers are vital to any online gaming site these days, and there’s a vast sea of different casino bonuses Canadian players can benefit from. Whether you’re new to a casino or you’ve been a regular customer, you can find free spins, cash offers, and more to suit your preferences. And we’ve covered all the many types of promotional offers out there. So read our guide to see what the best casino bonus is for you!

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Welcome Bonus up to C$1000 and 200 Free Spins
  • Always Helpful Support
  • Variety of Slots
  • Live Games Available
Get Welcome Bonus up to C$1500 and 300 Free Spins
  • Variety of Casino Games
  • Multiple Payment Options Available
  • Home to Leading Software Providers
Welcome Bonus up to C$1500 and 200 Free Spins
  • Fast Withdrawal Times
  • Great Game Selection
  • Variety of Payment Providers
100% Bonus up to C$200 and 100 Free Spins
  • Live Games Available
  • Many Payment Methods
  • Accepts Players from Many Countries
Get 100% Bonus up to C$200 and 100 Free Spins
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Professional Customer Support
  • Great Selection of Slots
Get Welcome Bonus up to C$200 and 21 Free Spins
  • Wide Variety of Slots
  • Live Games Available
  • Professional Customer Support
Sign Up and Get Bonus up to C$200
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots
  • Many Software Providers
  • Huge Collection of Games
Sign Up and Get up to C$1500 and 300 Free Spins
  • Massive welcome offer
  • Top software providers
  • Variety of Payment Methods
Deposit Match up to C$100 and 25 Free Spins
  • Variety of Slots
  • Attractive Promotions
  • Home to Leading Software Providers
Get 100% up to C$200 and 20 Free Spins
  • Live Games Available
  • Exclusive Promotions for Existing Players
  • Many Payment Methods Available

Casino Bonuses – What Type of Bonuses Can You Claim?

Casino bonuses come in various shapes and sizes, mainly based on the audience they are meant to target. With that said, there are two main categories of players casino promotions can be aimed at new players and returning players. The former have striking welcome bonuses structured for them, whereas the latter get to benefit from reload offers.

But beyond that, casino bonuses can be broken down into many different kinds, including by the form of the bonus. E.g., you can receive casino free spins as a bonus, or you might receive cash available for play. Here are some of the most common bonus types.

Deposit Bonuses


Deposit bonuses are by and large the most common type of promotional offer found at online casinos. The reason is that they are offered on your deposit, which gives the casino a certain guarantee that you actually do wish to play there and not just take advantage of the bonus and then leave. With that said, deposit bonuses can be meant for new players and returning players alike. They can come in all shapes and forms, from free spins to cash offers. And in both cases, they can provide different value. For example, cash bonuses may be offered as a deposit match of only a fraction and up to several times the amount of your deposit.

No Deposit


No deposit casino bonus offers are somewhat of a rare treat, and usually, they come in the form of free spins, although not necessarily. No deposit offers are desirable to players because they provide a sort of risk-free opportunity to try out the online casino and its games. However, no deposit offers generally do have higher wagering requirements attached to them. The only instance when there are no such requirements is when the casino gives you a cash back bonus, which can also be considered a form of no deposit offer for loyal players.

Casino Welcome Offers


Casino welcome bonus offers tend always be the most striking and generous promotion of all other promotions offered at the casino. It’s usually the first thing you see once you open the casino’s site. And, nowadays, especially, casino operators go wild with their promotional offers and make them package deals as opposed to the simple match bonuses that were common a few years ago. Furthermore, welcome offers can also target the fans of particular game types, such as live casino bonus offers or free spins for slot game enthusiasts. And with that said, you can even often come across elaborate combinations of multiple bonuses.

Free Spins


Free spins are typically offered for a specific online slot game or a small selection of slots. But just as with most of the other bonus types listed here, they may be granted to all players, regardless of their role at the casino. For instance, no deposit free spins are often included in larger welcome packages as the very first part of the promotion. Free spins can also be won in tournaments and similar events at the online casino. Or they may also be provided as an incentive for players to make subsequent deposits at the casino.

No Wagering Bonus


No wagering casino bonuses are perhaps even less frequently seen than their no deposit counterparts. After all, no wagering means there are no strings attached at all, and the casino risks losing money on such promotions. For this reason, there are mainly two possibilities of receiving them. In one case, it will most likely be a tiny cash bonus or a small number of free spins. And in the other case, it may be a cashback offer, in which event you will need to have already accumulated a substantial amount of losses at the casino.

Canada Reload Bonus


Canada reload bonuses are an excellent way to keep players interested in the same online casino even after claiming and using the initial welcome offer. Typically, players get the chance to claim such offers more than just once, and they will usually be a weekly or monthly promotion. As a general rule, reload bonuses are deposit offers that match the size of your deposit by a fraction (e.g., 25%, 50%). But they can easily also be offered in the form of free spins. As long as they aim to incentivize continuous deposits and activity at the casino, they qualify as reload bonuses.

Live Casino Bonus

Live casino bonuses generally fall on the heftier end of the bonus value spectrum. And that only makes sense because, as a rule, the betting limits at live dealer games are significantly higher than those in regular RNG games. Hence, a smaller bonus would pretty much go unnoticed.

With that said, live casino bonuses will typically be granted to your special bonus balance and will only allow you to use them on live dealer games. And just as with most other deposit bonuses, these can be offered to new players as a warm welcome or to returning players as a reload bonus.

Choosing the Best Casino Bonus

The best casino bonus is always the one that can provide you with the most value on the most reasonable terms. Of course, finding such a bonus isn’t always easy, so that’s why we’ve tried to simplify things for our readers by gathering some of the best casino bonuses in one place.

But when it comes to handpicking an offer yourself, your personal preferences will come into play as well. For example, there are bonuses that are only intended for specific game types, such as free spins can only be used on slot games. If you’re not a particular fan of online slots, then no matter how lucrative the offer may be, it likely won’t mean much to you.

What Else to Watch Out For?

First, note the value that the bonus can give you. If it’s a match bonus, for example, how much will it give in relation to your deposit? Where is that value capped? Or if it’s a free spins promotion, how many free spins are on offer, and how much is each of them worth?

If you like what you see, you can move on to what is perhaps the more crucial part of the bonus assessment: the terms and conditions. Read them very carefully to know what the bonus validity is, what the wagering requirements are, and so on.

Newest Casino Deals for September


Online Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

Online casino bonus terms encompass a whole range of different factors that all need to be taken into consideration to form a wholesome picture of the deal you’re agreeing to. The terms of most casino bonuses usually have wagering requirements, but there’s also more beyond them, as shown below.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements of any online casino bonus refer to the number of times you are expected to wager the bonus amount received (sometimes the bonus + deposit). Only after you have fulfilled the wagering requirements will you be able to withdraw your bonus and winnings, so it’s essential to make sure they are reasonable.

Game Exclusion

So bonuses have limits as to the games you can use them on. So be sure to take note of any mention of game exclusions in the promotional terms of the bonus you’d like to claim. Also, note what games do not contribute to the wagering requirements.

Max Bet

Very often, the bonus wagering terms will have a cap on the amount you can wager in a single bet. This is also there to ensure that you don’t decide to stake the entire bonus amount all at once and be done with the wagering requirements.

Win limits

Similarly to putting limits on the amount you can stake per bet, there may also be a cap on the amount you can win from a particular bonus. Always make sure you are aware of any such information, as this directly ties into the overall value of the promotional offer.

Minimum Deposit

Provided that the promotion features a deposit bonus, there will always be a minimum amount necessary to claim the offer. Make sure you are aware of it before rushing in to claim the offer, so you are prepared with the right amount beforehand.

Time Limit

When it comes to bonus terms, time limits can apply to two things at once. In one case, the bonus itself may have a specific validity period, as is typically the case with free spins. But usually, there will also be a limited amount of time allocated to meet the wagering requirements.


How to Claim a Casino Bonus in Canada

When it comes to claiming a casino bonus, Canada doesn’t have any extraordinary rules or regulations that would make it more difficult than anywhere else in the world. So with that said, claiming an online casino bonus is actually a very straightforward process. There are no hidden steps to be aware of or anything of the sort.

However, one must still pay close attention to the offer they are accepting. And once you’ve made sure that the promotion is genuinely worthwhile, you can proceed to the easy process of actually claiming it. If you aren’t quite sure how to go about it, here is a rough summary of what to expect.

  1. Choose the Bonus. Take your time to carefully assess the bonus and the value it would bring you if you were to claim it.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions. Next, make sure you are familiar with the promotional terms, including what criteria you need to meet to be eligible for the promotional offer.
  3. Calculate the Wagering Requirements. The overwhelming majority of online casino bonuses have wagering requirements in place, so be sure to find out exactly how much you will be required to stake in order to meet them.
  4. Register an Account. Next, you can start creating an account at the online casino by clicking on the sign-up button on the site. Be sure to use a valid email address and your actual personal details.
  5. Claim the Bonus. Once you have set up an account and verified it, you can proceed to claim the promotional offer. If it’s a deposit bonus, this will mean making your first deposit at the casino.
  6. Clear the Bonus. Now that you’ve received the bonus, you can start playing your favourite casino games to meet its wagering requirements and release your winnings.

Casino Bonus Codes

Casino bonus codes are often a necessary part of claiming an online casino promotion. And yes, while it may seem like an unnecessary added step to claiming a promotional offer, there is a very good reason for bonus codes to be a thing.

A casino bonus code or casino promo code, as it is also often referred to, is put in place to distinguish it from other promotions that may currently also be running on the gaming platform. Hence, with the help of the bonus code, players can specify the precise promotional offer they would like to take advantage of.

Sometimes there will be a dropdown menu of the existing promo codes available in the cashier to make things even more accessible. But usually, you will need to type in the code yourself. Just be sure to do so at the time of making your deposit if it is a deposit bonus you’re after.

Mobile Casino Promotions

Mobile casino promotions have basically become synonymous with regular online casino promotions and bonus offers. The demand for mobile gaming these days is so high that the two concepts are increasingly becoming interchangeable.

This has much to do with the fact that most online gaming sites nowadays recognize the importance of mobile compatibility. And in their efforts to make their platforms, software, and games all available on mobile and desktop devices alike, most gaming sites naturally make sure their promotional offers are also compatible with on-the-go play.

And since online casino promotions are tied to the games, if the games can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet – so can the bonus. However, it is still a good idea to check for any mention of mobile gaming (or potentially the exclusion thereof) in the bonus terms of the promotion you are considering.

Best Casino Deals for September

Welcome Bonus up to C$1000 and 200 Free Spins
  • Always Helpful Support
  • Variety of Slots
  • Live Games Available
Get Welcome Bonus up to C$1500 and 300 Free Spins
  • Variety of Casino Games
  • Multiple Payment Options Available
  • Home to Leading Software Providers
Welcome Bonus up to C$1500 and 200 Free Spins
  • Fast Withdrawal Times
  • Great Game Selection
  • Variety of Payment Providers



What is an online casino deposit bonus?

A deposit bonus is simply an online casino bonus that is offered to players upon making a deposit at the casino. Such bonuses are often also used interchangeably with the term ‘match bonuses’, although not all deposit offers are necessarily match bonuses.

How can I claim a casino bonus?

Claiming a bonus is easy. You can start by choosing the right bonus based on its value and promotional terms. Then you need to register at the online casino, and you can then claim the offer as per its terms and conditions.

What are the best Canadian online casino bonuses?

We have prepared a list of some of the top bonuses and promotional offers currently running at the most exciting and secure Canadian online casinos.

Why do online casinos hand out bonuses?

The iGaming industry is fiercely competitive, and in order to stand out from the completion, online gaming sites rely heavily on the use of bonuses as promotional materials for their platforms. Bonuses are used to both attract new as well as retain existing customers.

What types of welcome bonuses are there?

Welcome bonuses are usually offered in the form of cash bonuses and free spins or some combination of the two. They may be offered immediately upon registration, or they may only be granted after you've made your first deposit.