Position: Casino Analyst

Favorite thought: I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.

Why the Career of a Casino Expert?

As a law student, I didn’t really see myself becoming a lawyer. But the subject of rules and regulations still continued to interest me, and somehow I found myself stumbling into the iGaming world – the heavily regulated part of it, anyway.

I was initially exposed to the MGA and UKGC markets, which are among the strictest. And soon enough, I knew: this is where I want to be. I’m a fast learner, and it wasn’t long before I became well-versed in all legal matters relating to online casinos. But in addition to their regulations, another aspect of the iGaming industry became fascinating to me: bonuses.

I know how important casino bonuses are these days, and now I also know how delicate the subject of their terms and conditions is. So it’s my job to check the promotional terms of the offers we list on our site and make sure they are fair and don’t aim to cheat players of the cash they won fair and square.

It might sound a bit overbearing, but I do feel like my work makes a difference for casino players out there. I’ve seen instances of dishonest gaming practices, and it warms me to know I’m doing my part to prevent such things from happening.

My work at OneSpout

Although I’m usually digging through endless lists of rules and regulations, you can often find me calculating bonus wagering requirements and sketching hypothetical wins from free spins promotions. I handle everything that relates to gambling policies and legislations, making sure the site is up-to-date with any new requirements.

And my job also involves determining what bonuses we list and don’t list. I try to handpick promotional offers from only the best casinos that we’ve already reviewed. And furthermore, my aim is for the bonuses to also be as transparent as possible, with reasonable terms and an actual possibility for players to benefit from them.

What I believe in?

As you might be able to guess, I’m pretty big on all things fairness and equality. But that’s not just in my professional life. I always advocate for equality, no matter where I see a lack of it. And I’m very organized about it, too. I believe there should be a degree of structure and order in our lives for everything to run smoothly.

But I’m not just about that; there’s a wild side in me, too. And I like to let it free when I’m out on the hunt for the perfect wave – I love to surf! There’s something irresistible to me about the ocean, the wind in my hair, and that taste of saltwater.

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