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Get Answers to the Questions You Have About a Custom Pressure Massage



If you’re considering a customized deep tissue or high-pressure massage, you likely have questions about what to expect. Here are answers to common inquiries to help you prepare.

How is the Pressure Determined?

The therapist will discuss your needs and preferences to tailor the right pressure. Tell them your pain tolerance and any sensitive areas to avoid. They’ll check in during the session for feedback on adjusting pressure. You’re in control – speak up any time to increase or decrease pressure.

What Techniques Might Be Used?

Deep tissue techniques like myofascial release, cross-fiber friction, trigger point therapy, and others loosen muscle adhesions and knots. Swedish massage strokes may also be incorporated. The therapist combines techniques based on the areas being addressed and your feedback.

How is it Different from a Gentle Massage?

A gentle, relaxation-focused massage uses light to moderate pressure and soothing strokes to induce overall calmness. Deep pressure massage targets chronic muscle tension, adhesions, pain, and restricted mobility using firmer, focused techniques. It’s more invigorating.

What Should I Wear?

Opt for loose, soft clothing, and you can move in. Shorts and a tank top work well, allowing access to areas like shoulders and legs while staying covered. Avoid restrictive clothing. You may be advised to partially undress for ease of movement. Your comfort level is respected.

How Long is a Typical Session?

Custom deep tissue sessions are often 60 to 90 minutes to address specific issues thoroughly. Shorter 30 or 45-minute sessions are possible but may be less effective for chronic tension. Discuss your needs and book adequate time to prevent feeling rushed.

Will it be Painful?

There may be intensity and discomfort as knots are released, but pain should never be sharp. Please always let me know if the pressure needs adjusting. Soreness a few days later is common as your body continues healing. Please stay hydrated and rest after.

When are the Benefits Noticeable?

You’ll likely feel looser, more energized and relaxed right after. Increased range of motion, pain relief and reduced muscle tension become noticeable over the next few days. Schedule regular massages for cumulative benefits over time. Be patient and allow your body time to heal.

Knowing what to expect from a customized deep tissue massage enables you to relax and benefit fully. Communicate your needs clearly and trust your therapist to tailor the right techniques and pressure to help relieve your muscle tension, pain and stiffness. A custom pressure massage offers many benefits. Book yours today at Sage Spa Ouray

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