How We Rate Online Casinos

We at OneSpout are highly dedicated to helping our users choose the online casinos that can give them the most exciting and enjoyable gaming experience. So here’s how we approach our rating process in order to offer you the top gambling platforms in the world – read on to find out! And since we are often asked what we base our reviews and ratings on, we decided to put together a detailed list of our 19-step process below to let you in on what takes place behind the scenes.

Security and Regulations / Steps 1-3

Obviously, our first and most important requirement for any online casino is that it is safe and secure for players to game at. But there are several things that go into this, and rest assured that we put every one of them under the microscope with each casino that we review.
1. SSL Encryption Certificate
The use of encryption is vital to any site dealing with private and sensitive information, such as personal and financial details. This is an essential part of shielding this data and making sure that no one gains unauthorized access to it. And so we pay very close attention to the use of the latest encryption certificates on all online casinos we come across.
2. Active Casino License
Having an active gambling license is the next step in ensuring the safety of players at the respective online gaming platform. This is a sign that the casino site passed the approval of a respected gaming authority and has been granted official permission to operate in its capacity of a gambling site. But moreover, obtaining the license is one thing. Being able to uphold the same level of service consistently is what sees to it that the license isn’t lost and can be renewed year after year.
3. Regulated by Independent Authority Body
The license issuing entity is also of great importance. It’s no secret that there are numerous regulatory bodies out there, all offering licenses for online gaming sites, but that’s not good enough here. At our site, we only want to see casinos licensed by highly reputable regulators, whose licenses are widely regarded as prestigious and meaningful. Examples of such regulators include the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), among others.

Is it safe?


Players’ safety and security is number one priority when looking into playing real money casino games. There are different markets with high and less regulations, so it is important to know the specifics of each before opening an account.

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Banking Methods at Online Casinos / Steps 4-6

After we’ve ascertained the casino’s credibility, we move on to the next step of our rating process which is the available banking methods. These are crucial to any respectable gaming site for a number of different reasons, not least important of which is the convenience they offer players.
4. Easy & Fast Deposit Process
Being able to make a deposit quickly is, of course, also a matter of convenience. These days we’re all used to instant gratification and it’s only natural that we’ve come to expect it in our leisure. So we tend to also gravitate towards online casinos that can offer this as a service. And luckily, with the vast majority of payment providers, deposits occur instantly as soon as you click on “Approve”.
5. Protection of Your Funds
This goes back to the security mechanisms used at online gambling platforms and, again, involves the use of the latest and most sophisticated encryption certificates to ensure that players’ financial details and the funds themselves are always protected. But as it so happens, some payment methods are in a sense a guarantee for safety in and of themselves, like for example PayPal. The presence of payment providers like PayPal in a casino’s lobby already speaks highly of the site’s high security standards.
6. Quick Withdrawals
Quick or instant withdrawals aren’t so much a luxury as they are an indication of a casino’s reputability. That’s not to say that the opposite would suggest an unreliable or shady platform. But if a casino can consistently process withdrawals fast (within 1 day), that means it has enough cash, enough qualified staff and is dedicated to its customers in the aim of providing the best possible service.



It’s plain as day that you want an online casino to already offer the payment methods you use, so you aren’t forced to embark on a lengthy registration with a new and unfamiliar payment provider only to be able to use it for that one specific casino.

✔ 6 of 19 Checks Completed

Available Games / Steps 7-11

Although we take all the non-negotiables very seriously, we’re actually just as strict about the fun elements of any online casino. And that includes the game selection, of course. And here are exactly the aspects of the casino’s game library that we evaluate when we create our reviews.
7. Fair RTP
Fairness is a recurring topic all throughout our reviews, because it’s a huge deal. Whenever you choose to spend your time and money at a casino, you want to be sure that you aren’t falling victim to some scam. So we assess the fairness of the games, as well as that they all have a reasonable payout ratio. The return to player percentage or RTP is often made known by the game developers for each specific title separately, and we do our own due diligence to confirm it.
8. Gaming Providers
Speaking of developers, there are many of those in the industry. But we give our vote to those who have already been on the market long enough to have built a solid reputation and who have already formed diverse portfolios of the highest quality casino offerings.
9. A Large Spectrum of Games
This leads us to the point of the actual game selection. A good casino, let alone the best casino, should be able to cater to a variety of players’ preferences as far as casino games go. Slots always make up the largest portion of any casino’s lobby, so there should be plenty of diversity in terms of providers, genres, bet limits, etc. in that category. But aside from that we also expect to see a decent amount of other game types (e.g. blackjack, roulette, baccarat, scratch cards, live dealer games, etc.). And once again, the games in other categories are also expected to be fair and from reputable manufacturers.
10. Free Demo Games
Demo games like free online slots are a great means of exploring a new online casino before committing to it. So it’s always a plus when a platform has plenty of its games available in demo play mode. That way you can not only get a good feel about the platform you’re considering depositing at, but also familiarize yourself with specific titles you’ve never played before.
11. Jackpot Games
Jackpots are a big deal, as well. They’re highly attractive because of their potential for eye-watering wins and immense payouts. So we’re also on the lookout for jackpot games, and the bigger the jackpots – the better.

Game Variety


Rating and reviewing online casinos is what we specialize in and we are proud to always provide our users with the best online casinos in the iGaming industry. That is why we put a special attention on the games available at an online casino site.

✔ 11 of 19 Checks Completed

Casino Bonuses & Promotions / Steps 12-14

Casino bonuses are another fun element of any casino and an additional way to enjoy the games and the whole environment in general.
12. Deposit Bonuses
Deposit bonuses are perhaps the most popular form of bonus, and there’s two types of these. One is offered for new players upon their very first deposit, and this is usually the most generous offer. And the other is geared towards returning customers, who are incentivized to keep playing at the same casino. What’s great about casino bonuses is that they don’t always necessarily have to come in the form of bonus money, but can be given as free spins for slot games or free chips for table games, as well.
13. Loyalty & High Roller Programs
Loyalty programs usually also offer attractive perks for players who choose to continuously play on the same site. But we’re picky about these and expect that loyalty programs truly make players feel like royalty and high rollers be treated as the VIPs they are. So gifts, bonuses, exclusive access and party invites should all be part of the mix.
14. Reasonable Requirements & Terms
Of course, last but by no means least, the bonuses need to be offered at reasonable terms. Players need to have an actual chance of meeting the wager requirements so that they can be free to cash out their winnings. So we are keen on thoroughly going through the rules of every promotion to ensure players can genuinely enjoy it.

Casino Offers


We’re well aware that the available promotions can tip the scales in either direction when you’re choosing a new gambling site, so we takes these into account as well. Please check out our casino bonus calculator on our dedicated page for casino welcome offers.

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Customer Support / Steps 15-17

Any casino exists thanks to the players, whom it provides its services to. And one of the ways it can uphold that high standard of services is by providing exceptional customer support. But this, like many of the other aspects mentioned above, consists of several elements – all of which are checked by our team of professionals.
15. Responsible Gambling
It’s important that the online casinos we review are dedicated to responsible gambling. This means that they should only offer their services to players of legal age and be committed to supporting players with gambling issues, by providing all the necessary means for self-exclusion, etc.
16. Swift and Responsive Support
The representatives of the online casino need to be readily available to assist players at all times. And it’s always best if they can be reached 24/7 and by a variety of different means, such as phone, email and live chat. In addition, we pay attention to the response time, as well as the quality of the response, making sure that support is indeed capable of solving problems effectively.
17. Players’ Data Protection
It’s no coincidence that data protection has been covered more than once already. So we are especially focused on making sure that this vital aspect is also a priority for every casino, also on the level that when customer support is handling players’ details, that information is protected at all times.

Customer Support


What is response time, as well as the quality of the response? Can you be sure that support is indeed capable of solving problems effectively? These are just few of the questions you might ask yourself when choosing a real money casino to play at.

✔ 17 of 19 Checks Completed

Mobile Experience / Steps 18-19

Most online casinos these days strive to make their platforms accessible from all kinds of devices. And it’s no wonder, seeing as how roughly half of today’s online gambling is done on mobile devices. And different casinos go about this in different ways. Some only see to it that their sites are optimized for different screen sizes. And others go deeper and provide apps for smartphones and tablets.
18. Available for all Devices
Availability for different smartphones and tablets with different operating systems is also something that depends on the game developers. That’s why these two aspects are closely related, and why both need to be taken into account. But aside from the games being optimized for mobile play, the casino needs to have ensured that it’s accessible from any device, as well.
19. Mobile Games Variety
Are there enough games that are optimised for playing on the go? Nowadays most of the Internet traffic comes from mobile devices with some countries reaching 80% of the total Internet usage. The online casino sites make no exception, that is why it it important to make sure the casino has enough mobile games.

Mobile Friendly


What is response time, as well as the quality of the response? Can you be sure that support is indeed capable of solving problems effectively? These are just few of the questions you might ask yourself when choosing a real money casino to play at.

✔ 19 of 19 Checks Completed

Rating and Conversion Rates

When rating the many different online casinos on our site, we use something called a conversion rate to keep things realistic. This is our way of actually measuring players’ satisfaction with different casinos. And it’s calculated by taking into account the number of players who registered or even deposited at a respective gambling platform after visiting our site. This number speaks for itself when determining how “good” a given casino is and it certainly has an impact on each casino’s general rating.

OneSpout is an independent site and the results of our work are offered to users entirely free of charge, with the intention of giving players a selection of truly worthwhile platforms for them to choose from.

However, in order to be able to afford this, we do charge a certain fee from these casinos, if users of our site have chosen to sign up with them. Sometimes it’s possible for those fees to affect the position of the casino on our site. But they certainly don’t impact our reviews, and we will never list a platform that is unsafe, unfair or is for any other reason considered to be unfit for players.

Our reviews are 100% unbiased and transparent, and are entirely “as-is”. So with that in mind, we also do not make any guarantees as to the information published on this site and encourage players to also use other sources of information regarding different online casinos. Furthermore, although we do our best to keep all the information about sties and promotions updated, it is every user’s own responsibility to double check this data for themselves.

How We Rate FAQs

Are your reviews entirely unbiased?

Yes. In fact, we take pride in this and we base our reviews solely on facts, so you can be sure that our ratings and lists are completely transparent.

What do you base your casino reviews off of?

We have a total of 18 steps in our review process, and these include the assessment of various casino aspects, such as security, licensing, banking methods, software providers, customer support, etc.

Do you take promotions and bonuses into consideration when rating casinos?

Of course. We know how important bonuses are to players and they are part of what make a wholesome gaming experience. You can check out our list of the hottest current promotions here.

How do you determine a given casino’s safety?

We approach safety with the utmost responsibility and scrutiny. And when doing so, we take into account things like SSL encryption certificates, licensing and regulation.

Are any of the online casino reviews sponsored?

No, each one of our reviews is completely independent and we strive to make ours entirely honest and impartial. It’s possible for us to charge casinos certain fees for registrations and/or deposits that were made from our users, and that may slightly affect their positioning. But those fees have no impact on the reviews themselves.

How important are the casino games in the rating process?

Very. Our approach is very complex and it takes into consideration all aspects of a given site. And since players’ main objective of visiting an online casino is to play games, we recognize their significance. In fact, we’ve even listed casinos by different game types.
Author: Josef Vella
Chief Editor
Josef Vella is OneSpout's Chief Editor. He specializes in online casino compliance, payments, and general user experience. He makes sure our casino database comprises only of compliant and secure gambling sites of top quality.