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How do I Fix the Orange Light on My Netgear Router?



How do I Fix the Orange Light on My Netgear Router?

The Netgear WiFi Extender has a WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) attribute that allows it to connect to other devices both quickly and easily. An orange light on the Netgear WiFi Extender occurs due to a Connectivity problem, If the Netgear WiFi Extender light turns orange, it indicates this problem belongs to your ISP(Internet Service Provider).

There is nothing wrong with your Netgear WiFi Extender. In order to avoid this kind of problem, check for the connection problem. To begin with this article, you are going to read stepwise guidelines on how do I fix the orange Light on Netgear Router subsequently.

Troubleshooting Process – 1 to Fix the Netgear Router Orange Light

Firstly, You Need to Check Internet Connectivity

Thereafter you need to unplug the internet cable wire from the router and replug it again,

Reboot Your Modem

You need to power cycle or reboot your modem and router once, Connect your computer with the modem directly, if you can go online proceed to 4 if not possible, call to your internet service provider (ISP), this specifies that nothing is wrong with your router, the problem is with your network connection, you can check your Ethernet cable or can check network setting or you can call the technician to troubleshoot your network issue.

If the Netgear router is still flashing orange light, yet you need to factory restore your router and need to configure it again. Thereafter this your router will be working fine, so then you will not face a problem fix the orange light.

Troubleshooting Process – 2

In another case orange light is flashing due to some cause, some steps need to follow to fix the Orange Light

  • Proper Connection
  • Faulty cable connection
  • UN-identified network connection
  • Firmware issue

Proper Connection

Sometimes lot of people facing issues due to the wrong connection, so you should look out for your connection and confirm both the devices are connected with each other properly, this specifies that your modem should be connected with yellow port of Netgear Router. Proper connection is required to settle the Netgear Orange Light.

Faulty Cable Connection

If the problem is still there, try to change the old Ethernet cable with a fresh one and let us see that you are getting the green light or blue light on your Netgear router, this means the problem was with the Ethernet cable which is resolved by changing with new one cable. Thus you can keep your router connected with the modem.

 if you are not getting green or blue light subsequently, so then you can check out another solution

  • UN-Identified Network Connection

In another case you might face a flashing orange light problem with Netgear Router is due to an unidentified network, it happens generally when the modem is not able to identify the router or connected to it, in this case, you have to clone the MAC address of your PC into your router and then try to connect your modem with your router.

Solution of This Network Issue of UN-Identified Network

In today’s time, some internet service providers (ISP) allow you only a certain number of computers to connect internet generally. They do this by perform locking the connection to the Unique media access control(MAC) here.

MAC address is a unique number built into the modem and other network hardware, to fix this issue, you will need to configure the router to playact to have the same MAC address as the internet service provider-approved computer, instead of its own, This is called deceived the MAC address.

By the way, To Perform  MAC Cloning, You need to Follow Some Instructions.

Open Netgear setting page firstly ->advance setting->click on MAC Cloning and clone the MAC address first->Click on apply and OK.

Firmware Issue

Firmware Issue- Sometimes you might getting an orange light issue due to firmware issues on your router, you need to update your firmware software because sometimes older software is usually not able to up the necessary settings, which are required to connect the device smoothly.

So firmware software should be updated. To check available updates, go to the web page, so then go to the firmware section to lookout updates.

Resetting Routers

After all the above solution, if the orange light still pertaining, so then you need to configure Netgear EX 2700 router once again, and restart your modem and Netgear Ex 2700 Router later. Configuration of your netgear router orange light You need to reset your router by pressing the reset button and restart the modem and router both.

In the end, set up your router, as a result, you can see the green light appearing on the screen

Basically fixing the orange light on Netgear router might be resolved by checking the network connectivity

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